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Tether Technology

Fast technological developments have opened up new possible applications for drones and aerial robotics, and many more are already on their way. One of them could be the application you’re interested in.

What's a Multi-Drone-Tethered System?

A MultiDrone-Tethered System consists of:

Due to the reliability of tethered connections, tethered drones are currently mostly used for aerial observation and telecommunication. Yet, you can operate them remotely and perform different specific tasks in various applications and all kinds of terrain, even the most unaccessible.

Scheme of several drones and their purpose of use on a tether

Untethered Drones vs. Tethered Drones

For commercial purposes, untethered drones present substantial limitations to your projects and business. As time is precious, any time recharging or swapping batteries in the field is inefficient.

Employee assembling a drone

Kiteswarms Tethered Drone Technology

At Kiteswarms we offer you all this and more. We offer you the possibility to customize the tethered drone system – or swarm of drones – to your own specific needs. Thanks to our extensive experience in AWE, we’re able to deliver you a complete framework of hardware, embedded and control software technology.

Regulations on Tethered Drones

Legislation around tethered drones is flexible as several rules on commercial drones do not apply. In some countries, tethered drones are not classified as drones given their stationery positioning while connected to the ground. In other countries, users of tethered drone systems are not mandated to have them registered as their free-flying counterparts.

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